Stamina 1300The Stamina 1300 combines the advantages of stationary cycling with a magnetic resistance. The first is great for your joints, it gives you a low impact workout session right from your home, and the second is smooth and quiet, great if you want to listen to the TV or a radio, or just let the rest of the family take a nap.

It isn’t the most comfortable bike that you can buy, it is light weighted, and that is an advantage if you need to store it away after exercising, but it isn’t that great for stability, especially if you are a big person or ride the bike too fast.

Simple and easy to use, yet effective

This upright bike is somewhat as big as the name, the required footprint for the workout is 4’ by 5’, you don’t need the whole living room for the bike, but it does take some space to be comfortable riding it. If your house is a bit limited with the space, then you may find yourself biking in the backyard.

The 90 days warranty on parts isn’t that great, can’t expect much also from a less than $500 stationary bike like this model. Even so, customer reviews haven’t been so harsh on this machine and it seems to be reliable. There is one problem that it seems to occur, it does make noise after some wear and tear and time passes by.

There is a large and easy to read monitor that gives you feedback on speed, distance, time and calories burned, all controlled by one button. The seat is wrapped in vinyl with multiple seat positions, comfortable and fits almost every user, with a max user weight of 250 pounds.

Paying less than $500 for any fitness equipment like this is a risk, the quality of the construction relies mostly on cheap materials and they are more likely to break or get loose after some time and especially if you use it every day.

Overall, it is fit for someone not looking for a high standard stationary bike and who won’t be too demanding on the equipment. If you are an enthusiast of fitness, then this bike will surely disappoint you and you should try something else.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Comfortable


  • Weak warranty
  • Large and occupies too much space

An entry level stationary bike that will fit the needs of a basic fitness enthusiast. It is cheap and problems will eventually arise, and the warranty is a bit short to cover problems over just 90 days. If you don’t want to spend more money and you are fine with the Stamina 1300, then it is good for you.