Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise BikeThe Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike is high quality, stylish and fully featured bike that it may be one of the more expensive models on the market but it is definitely a wise investment if you are serious about getting or staying in shape. This unit measures 48 inches high, 22.5 inches wide and 50 inches long and weighs 96 lbs.

This exercise bike features an air resistance system that is unique to this model and allows you to have as much resistance as you can handle. The bike also features dual action arm handles and a console that displays how long you’ve been working out, how many calories you’ve burned, the RPM and the distance you’ve gone in a single session.

This upright bike is perfect for someone who is looking to get the best possible workout they can get from their own home. Not everyone likes the idea of going to the gym and may not always be able to get outside to ride their bicycle. An exercise bike is an excellent solution for getting a workout without having to leave the house and this model is without a question one of the best models on the market.

This bike is also the idea model for someone who is looking for a whole body workout. Many of the other bikes on the market only target your lower body which means you will have to buy another piece of equipment if you want to work your upper body as well. This model provides a workout for your upper and lower body in one compact piece of equipment.


The air resistance system is without question the biggest benefit of this model. The air resistance provides you with the ultimate customizable workout. The resistance you get is adjusted by how hard you pedal. If you pedal harder, the resistance will be greater. The air resistance system also provides streams of cool air that help to cool you down as you work out making for a much more comfortable workout.

Despite its small frame, it is also sturdy and durable. The dual action arm handles also move with the movement of your legs providing a natural feeling workout for your upper body as well as your lower body. The LCD display is large and very easy to read. It also displays all of the information you will need for your workout. This model also provides a smooth ride that doesn’t cause additional stress on the knee or shoulder joints.


The only real disadvantage is that some users have reported the bike arrives without assembly directions. These directions are available to be downloaded on the internet, however. If you are unable to locate the instructions on the internet, you can have them sent to you by calling the manufacturer.


This is a rather pricy bike, but it is definitely worth the money, providing you with an excellent workout and even helping to cool you down. The average person will need to save the money for it, but the benefits of the bike make the time spent saving well worth it.

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